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Weight Loss with Personal Trainers
Are you getting the results you’d like? If not, it might be time to take a serious look at your exercise program and diet. If you are trying to lose weight, and are lifting weights two times a week but not getting results it is likely because you aren’t doing your cardio and are eating the wrong foods.
Weight Lose with Personal Trainers
To lose weight you need to: 1.) Strength train (one hour weekly) – this creates muscle density (tone) which keeps the metabolism running strong allowing you to burn more calories during cardio and at rest. If you do a circuit program you will also burn calories during your workout (similar to cardio training) 2.) Cardio training (two hours weekly) – this will burn the calories while you are exercising. High intensity cardio will also help to raise your metabolism so you will burn more calories at rest. 3.) Diet – for weight loss this is crucial. A diet high in fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and lean proteins will allow the body to rebuild muscle following exercise. This type of diet, which is high in fiber, will also leave you feeling satiated (full) so you won’t be tempted to eat more calories. The bottom line with diet is you must take in fewer calories than you are burning off if you want to lose some of your stored energy (fat). Fatty foods like fried foods, snacks and foods containing simple sugars can quickly undermine your exercise efforts.For more advice and a personal training program, Contact SoCalFit today.

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  • I am so glad that he never gave up on me. He heard my cry for help and never stopped from there. I am almost 55 and never felt better. I feel like I’m 30 again. Steve has done this for me and more.

  • "Previously, I worked out on my own but I injured my arm and found my routine stagnating. Training with Steve has been one of the best experiences I've had this year."

  • "Steve is an excellent trainer and personalizes your work outs to what can not only challenge you but also accommodates what your body can handle."

  • "I never could have dreamed the results I have seen in the past few months while training with SoCal Fit. I have lost body fat and reshaped my body & I'm getting compliments from my peers."

  • "At our initial meeting my goals were simple: to lose weight and look good in a size 8 pair of jeans. SoCal Fit encouraged me to push myself far beyond what I dreamed possible."

  • "During workouts, Steve shares his unlimited knowledge with me. I have been thrilled with my results and cannot imagine my life without my workouts with SoCal Fit."

  • "The great part of having a SoCal Fit personal trainer is that he makes training fun, F-U-N. I leave with the feeling that I didn’t just finish 'working out', I finished, 'playing out'."


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